Top 5 Reasons You should Date with GaiGai

You mean besides the fact that GaiGai is the largest dating agency in Singapore with 80,000 singles in our database? Here’s the top 5 reasons that you should start dating with us!
why you should date with gaigai
1. You are not meeting the right eligible singles. 
While you might not have a problem arranging dates, you’re not seeing any results from those dates, if there is a second date at all. So where is that Ms/Mr right as you try to cruise through the huge amount of people in the dating market? Find people who match what you are looking for faster, and quicker with our in-house developed matching system, you only meet people who match the criteria that you’ve given to us!
2. You are too busy
Be it that you’re working for more than 8 hours a day, or that you just have too much on your schedule at the moment, you find it hard to even find time to start looking for someone to date. For people like you, time should be spent on key wisely, and you’re definitely worth meeting people who are invested in a serious relationship as well.
3. You are tired of looking/trying too hard
Here’s what you might be thinking: “I’ve tried my best to meet new people in the past year, and I’m just super burn out right now”. Or, you might also think that trying too hard might seem to make you look desperate. If you date with GaiGai, it’s going to be effortless, we arrange dates for you with the right person, while you just need to show up. Wanting to find someone to go through thick and thin with  you is not desperate, you just made a choice to look for it instead of waiting around.
4. You are not not sure where to go or where to start dating
Maybe you just got out of a long relationship that ended with nothing, or that you have never dated in your life. Where should you be finding the right person, or even start looking? We do one to one profiling sessions before you decide if you would like to come onboard with us. Dating scene might be different and it’s always good to get professional advice.
5. You prefer filtered matches 
Maybe it’s not your style to talk to or meet too many people at once. You prefer to date or talk to people that already share the same goals in life, or have priorities just like you. Maybe you even prefer people who share the same faith or the view in things in life. For every date you go, the people you meet will already fulfil at least 80% of what you hope to find in your partner.