About GaiGai

Our mission is to bring people together and enhance meaningful connections.

"Is my partner the right one for me?" is one question that constantly bugs people at any stage of their dating life. In this day and age, it is all the more scary to take the leap of faith and go on a date with someone because of the fear of getting ghosted or catfished. Unfortunately, that ends up breaking more hearts than joining them.

Our Team

Serena Chia
(Relationship Manager)

I’m passionate about Love. I believe love is a powerful tool and everybody deserves love at any point in time. Love can heal. Love can move mountains. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails. And I'm just the cupid.

Kaile Chin
(Relationship Manager)

Every milestones with my members excites me, from good dates, to budding relationship and marriage Receiving their wedding and baby photos keeps me motivated. Knowing that I’m creating value in people’s life. Dig deeper on what’s really compatible for you.

Prab Chawla
(Relationship Manager)

I've been in the Dating Industry for more than 10 years now and I'm glad to have found my calling. We provide a personalized dating service for our members and I'd love to meet you to learn more about your requirements - that's the first step to experiencing the Gaigai journey

Elaina Low
(Relationship Manager)

If there is a will, there will always be a way - It's only about taking the first step forward. Let us do the job for you in finding a suitable partner and who knows, the next success story could be you!

Sheryl Siow
(Relationship Manager)

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Remember, what makes you comfortable never lets you grow. Embrace the changes, and you could be the one to find your true love with GaiGai!

Lee Yuexi
(Relationship Manager)

I have always believed that there is someone for everyone and that is why I enjoy working here! I want to be the one to find that someone for you, let me take you on this journey to find love 🙂

A Word from CEO

It is my pleasure to welcome you as a GaiGai member. As Singapore’s trusted modern dating agency, we want to thank you for entrusting us with your happiness. 

We have a team of professional relationship managers and matchmakers who are truly passionate about bringing singles together. 

We pride ourselves in arranging quality dates and always feel a sense of achievement when our members get into blissful, lasting relationships. 

It is always heartwarming to receive invites to weddings or baby showers! We want to be more than just a matchmaking agency, we want to be the best dating agency in Singapore to provide premium dating services and to create meaningful connections for singles from all walks of life.

Alex Tam