Our mission is to bring people together, form new relationships and enhance meaningful connections.

Group Core Values


You can not read other people’s minds and no one can read yours. The only way to be on the same page is to talk. If you have a question, ask. If you are not sure, ask. If you want to know what the other person is doing, ask.

Be Global

The internet does not have borders, we do not either. We work in a global team, respect the diversity amongst us. We are not competing locally, we are competing with the world. This means measuring ourselves against the best in the world.

It is Day One

Live every day like it’s Day One of the company. The future is up to us to build, nothing is set in stone. Things can get dirty, not everything is nice and in its place, things may break. The path ahead is long and we just started.

Be Data Driven

If you can measure it, do it. If you’re not sure, experiment. By constantly testing, learning, and optimizing, the company becomes a living laboratory. If your opinion goes against data, change your opinion. Decisions are not feelings, dice or astrology.


We are in a human business facing both internal stakeholders and external clients. Where humans are, there will always be emotions. Take the time to listen, not just with your ears, but with your heart. You will not be able to understand the other person’s point of view.

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