It's ok to find love even if you've just ended a relationship. If these are some of the problems you face:

  • Not sure if you’re ready to pursue something new, so just looking around
  • Having difficultly meeting new people after the breakup
  • Not sure what to look for anymore after ending the previous relationship

And you're looking out for 

  • Serious relationships
  • People who share the same interest/perspective/beliefs as you
  • People that you can really connect and not just fooling around

You're definitely at the right place!

Besides matching, we do also provide coaching services to help you with your relationships.

Jeff, who was out of a relationship, decided to give a shot and try something new. He met En Ping and they had a great time chatting on their first date so he decided to invite her to a second date. They went to the ArtScience museum and explored different exhibitions. He is excited to find out more about each other and see where this goes!

Relationship Manager Sheryl share that we hear more of ‘I don’t know how it happened but it did’ stories than ‘love at first sight’ stories. Love is not being blind to a partner’s flaws. It is when these flaws seep unknowingly into the territory of ‘perfect imperfections’. The little quirks brought up after their first dates often become habits they start to adore upon their fifth or sixth.

Only 4 steps to finding love!

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