As we exit from school and enter the work force, we tend to get lesser chances of knowing more new people. If you are facing these challenges:

  • Friends circle are pretty much fixed
  • No way to know more people through your lifestyle
  • Shy personality, sometimes could be nervous or awkward with the other gender

And you're looking out for 

  • Serious Relationship
  • People who share the same interest/perspective/beliefs as you
  • People that you can really connect and not just fooling around

You're definitely at the right place!

Rui Ming, who is 35-year-old used to believe love can ‘just drop from the sky”. He is a down to earth and considerate man but has a limited social circle due to his shipping job. Our relationship manager shares that she was glad that he took his first step and kept a positive mindset throughout his journey with us. The last she heard from him, he was on his third date with his first GaiGai match!

We can help, if you let us!

Only 4 steps to finding love!

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