Paktor Presents “Afterflame”: A New Collection Of Gifts, Wrapped In Love And Joy

SINGAPORE, 8 APRIL 2022 – This April, Paktor Group is all set to offer what millennials need to take their romantic relationship up by a notch with the launch of “Afterflame”, a beautiful collection of delightful gifts wrapped in love and joy. Born from the sheer pleasure of gifting, AfterFlame aims to encourage everyone to show gratitude and appreciation to their loved one by enhancing their gifting experiences through creative and sustainable gifts. 

“Paktor is constantly innovating itself and seeking new ways to help people in nurturing and maintaining a healthy and strong relationship. We have been in the dating space for almost 10 years and we understand that over time, romantic relationships may lose their initial spark. This is exactly where Afterflame steps in. Personalized and thoughtful gifting is one of the best ways to strengthen a relationship as it sends a message that you deeply care about your partner. Hence, we hope that this venture will be significant in keeping the flame going for those starting, or are already in a relationship,” said Alex Tam, Chief Executive Officer of Paktor Group. 

Our first Afterflame collection is a curated set of environmentally-friendly homeware items that represent our definition of going beyond the initial flame. For example, the soy candles that are housed in soy candle jars doubles up in functionality as a planter after the candle is used up. All candles come with plantable seed paper and magic soil. The brand tag is also printed on plantable seed paper that recycles right into a plant. Not only candles but the exclusive set of four coasters are wrapped in twine for easy gifting as well. All Afterflame products are vegan, pet friendly, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free. (Please refer to below Annex for more information on the products)

Hayley Lee, the Country Lead of Afterflame said, “When Afterflame was just at its conceptualisation stage, we knew that it had to be created as a symbol of love while wearing a badge of environmental sustainability as well. In the same way that we act to protect and sustain our environment, gifting can be an action that serves to sustain the relationships with our loved ones.”

More exciting gifts are expected to be added to the collection across this year. For full information on the products and pricings, please visit AfterFlame’s official website at