We can all understand that in this busy modern era, sometimes we can't even find time to know new people. If this describes you perfectly:

  • Almost always busy with work and lazy to find new people to meet
  • Has a busy schedule in life and want to save time on meeting new people
  • Would like to hang out but has not met anyone

And you're looking out for 

  • People who share the same interest/perspective/beliefs as you
  • People that you can really connect and not just fooling around

You're definitely at the right place!

Edna was working shifts and had irregular work hours, so it was hard to for her to get into the dating game. When she shared her worries with her Relationship Managers and matchmakers, they assure her that it's ok. Having a busy lifestyle doesn't mean giving up dating She got her perfect match with GaiGai in the end! Our relationship Manager shared an observation among members. Finding love is not that straightforward. Time and time again we see the words loyalty, companionship, adventure. Ultimately, we are all looking for the same things, just packaged differently. She shares that she had gently persuade a member who should go on a second date with a man whose company she enjoyed but wasn't that excited about. Years later on they're still madly in love! If finding a partner for life isn't worth investing in, what is?

Only 4 steps to finding love!

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