GaiGai Events: What to Expect

Navigating GaiGai Events: Attire, Activities, and Essentials

  • Navigating Intentions and Expectations at Our Singles Event

At our event, singles gather with various intentions in mind. While some attendees may seek meaningful connections for friendship, others are open to exploring romantic possibilities. It’s important to recognize that each individual arrives with their own unique purpose. While the atmosphere encourages mingling, it’s essential to understand that finding a romantic partner may not happen instantly or at a single event. Building relationships takes time and patience, and our event provides a platform for initial connections to blossom naturally over time.

  • A Breakdown of Events Flow

After registration,  you will have the opportunity to engage in icebreaking activities designed to foster connections. Throughout the event, structured conversations and rotations, facilitated by table cards, will encourage interaction among attendees. Towards the end, a feedback form will be provided to gather insights, followed by a period of relaxed mingling. Please note that the itinerary may vary depending on the particular event

  • Attire Tips and What to Bring

Attire Guidance: We kindly request that attendees dress appropriately for both the weather and the occasion. Keep in mind that you’ll be meeting new people, and your fashion and grooming choices can significantly impact first impressions. We advise against overly revealing or excessively thick clothing to ensure comfort and safety.

For gentlemen participating in events featuring table rotations, we suggest avoiding large bags to prevent inconvenience. Additionally, if you anticipate needing technological devices such as portable chargers, please remember to bring them along, as they will not be provided at the event.

Who will you meet

1. Individuals eager to forge meaningful connections.

2. Attendees simply seeking to enjoy the event atmosphere.

3. Singles interested in broadening their social network for engaging activities.

After the Event: Contact Exchange and Follow-Up Calls

Contact Exchange Policy: We can help to exchange contact details with another participant if the other party gives their consent, and if we can identify the person. We would however like to heavily encourage you to at least know their name or to ask it at the event itself. 

What We Don’t Facilitate: We do not support the set up of any group chats such as Telegrams groups nor will we give the whole contact list to any particular individual 

Post-Event Follow-Up: After the event you will be contacted via a call by our relationship managers to better understand how you felt about the event and also an invitation to a free consultation session for 1-1 dates.

Who might not find GaiGai events the best fit

  1. If you’re seeking an immediate partnership following the event, we recommend exploring our 1-1 dating service.
  2. For those with specific deal breakers or particular requirements for potential matches, 1-1 dating offers a tailored approach.
  3. Individuals seeking high levels of compatibility matching.
  4. Those who prefer to socialize with a select group of individuals and have specific preferences across industries.