Fleek Image and Consulting

Our Brand Story

Be Your Better Self.

Founded in 2016, Fleek is a coaching agency committed to helping individuals with their dating, professional, and social skills and image. Fleek works closely with a team of established coaches and lifestyle brands to put one’s better self forward through skills building and styling. From one-on-one coaching sessions to engaging workshops, Fleek provides a menu of services essential in growing a personal brand.

Fleek is the Sister company of GaiGai, an offline dating agency, which is wholly owned by Paktor Group.

Our Mission.

To help individuals develop and broaden themselves to meet their full potentials.

Our Values.

Authenticity: To help our clients be their genuine selves through self-development.
Integrity: To help our clients in being honest and sincere with themselves and others around them.
Beauty: To assist our clients in expressing and combining their inner qualities on the outside.
Confidence: To help our clients trust and believe in themselves.
Consistency: To guide our clients in adapting and stabilising their changes.
Kindness: To help our clients be kind and humble towards themselves and others as they grow.

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